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Name: Thomas David Pritchard


Age: 30 ...... im getting on now 


Home Town: Worthing


Who is the biggest supporter of your racing? How would you describe them and the support they give?

My whole family support my racing from patching up my cuts to washing the muddy gear and some of them join me racing. I have made friends for life racings and the community in OCR


Top goal right now?


Improve my overall health and fitness


Top motivation track?


“You Can’t Stop Me” – Andy Mineo


Hobbies outside of racing: 


I love to go on a Jet-ski

True North:


My True North is my fixed point in a spinning world - that helps me stay on track as a leader, a friend, a boyfriend, a brother and as a Human.


I guess it’s my belief that we should always be moving forward, looking at the next adventure, next job that needs doing. I like to think that I’m the sort of person that would stop in the street and help, carry an older person’s shopping bags and stop and help someone who has broken down.


I want to leave people feeling better than before I was there is my ‘True North’.


I believe these are all traits of a true Spartan and represent me at the deepest level.


Personal Mission :


My mission as a person is to encourage others to take that step outside, enter the unknown and have an adventure.


Obviously, I want them to run their first Spartan Race but not as a one-off I want them to love it as I do and show them the benefits of the community. It’s not all about your time or placement in a race.

I am at my best when Outside and have goals to achieve and that is what Spartan way of life teaches me, find a goal achieve it and then find the next goal.


I enjoy my work, especially where I can complete projects. I use this in my fitness life to complete my goals and help in Spartan projects where I can.


I like to find opportunities to use what I perceive “my natural talents and gifts” such as my motivated outlook, decisiveness, my will and sheer bloody mindedness. I can do anything I set my mind to.


I will help change the ethos of the world, bring people together, teach them what I can and make our earth more sustainable (which is very close to my heart).


What problem are you trying to solve with your life? 


An issue that is close to my heart for me and people close to me is environmental change I always look for the next energy system I can help, solar, wind, tidal all can be viable if we put our minds to change.

The next big thing that can change the way we interact with the world. I support any project that aim to make a positive change in the world. To support this I have worked with The Green Bank and World Bank on Projects, along with Charities like WWF UK and Realising Another World Foundation.

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